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Structured Benefit Tiers:

Dreamer Level ($10/month):

Recognition on the GWE website. Regular updates about the Prosperity Learning Center program.

Achiever Level ($25/month):

All benefits of the Dreamer level. Exclusive GWE-branded merchandise as a token of appreciation. Quarterly digital newsletter featuring success stories.

Innovator Level ($50/month):

All benefits of the Achiever level. Quarterly subscription box. Recognition as an Innovator in our annual report.

Visionary Level ($100/month):

All benefits of the Innovator level. A complimentary ticket to an exclusive GWE event. Personalized thank-you letter from a youth participant.

Annual Gala for Prosperity Partners:

  • Host an annual gala event to foster relationships and recognize contributors.
  • Special acknowledgments and awards for significant contributors.
  • Networking opportunities with GWE leadership and beneficiaries.
  • Showcases of program successes and future plans.

Communication and Feedback:

  • Regularly communicate with Prosperity Partners through personalized emails, video messages, or exclusive web content.
  • Incorporate a feedback mechanism to receive donor input about the program and its benefits.

Subscription Boxes for Top Tiers:

  • Innovator and Visionary Levels:
  • Quarterly subscription boxes featuring:
  • Perks from Local Businesses: Coupons, gift cards, or samples to support local enterprises.
  • Exclusivity and Value: Ensure the subscription box items feel exclusive and tailored to donor interests.
  • Personalized Thank-You Note: Updates, impact stories, or acknowledgments.
  • Educational Material: Vouchers or codes for free classes or webinars to engage donors with your mission.

Partner Collaborations:

  • Collaborate with businesses aligned with your mission or popular among donors to enhance the subscription box’s value.
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Prosperity Partners

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