About Our Organization


GWE helps families create legacies for generations to come. GWE will help low-income communities give future generations a head start on life with the mission to promote financial and mental wellness, investing, and homeownership. We will rebuild our communities to give everyone a higher quality of life.

U.S. Household's Net Worth, 2020 dollars

The Problem

Our society has an extensive racial and ethnic wealth disparity. According to The Federal Reserve Board, white families has eight times the wealth of Black families and five times of Hispanic families. Wealth is determined by calculating the difference between the gross assets and liabilities of families. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and may not see a way out of debt.

(Data source: Federal Reserve Board, Survey of Consumer Finances, 2020; LendingClub Corporation, 2022)

The Solution

Generational Wealth Educators are quite optimistic that their values will help drive the company to accomplish its mission. Generational Wealth Educators will champion an organization-to-organization partnership strategy and an organization-to-client strategy to reach potential members and supporters. By utilizing this multi-channel approach, Generational Wealth Educators will be able to carry out its mission in its entirety and efficiently make strides towards its vision

Generational Wealth Educators (GWE) is a non-profit entity that aims to create wealth within communities by providing free therapy sessions, Wealth building programs, and a social community for families.

GWE will help low-income communities reach financial stability and generate financial wealth for generations to come. GWE will help young adolescents to older adults achieve their financial goals

Generational Wealth Educators (GWE) was founded in 2021 out of Charlotte, NC. However, our Wealth Builder’s program is available virtually. We strive to reach families across stateliness as
it is our goal to be nationwide nonprofit.


Generational Wealth Educators was founded in May 2021 by Jasmine Hall, Executive Director, & Deja Hall, President, and is based in Charlotte, NC. Jasmine was a single mother to two young children, and believed that time was precious. Ms. Hall believes that one should obtain ultimate freedom by creating passive income through financial investments and spending your time on what makes you happy. As a minority in our society there are a lot of mental barriers, systemic blockage, and many more barricades to overcome on the path to success. Here at GWE we will help our members overcome their obstacles by providing mental health guidance, and the tools to build wealth. GWE is dedicated to helping our rising junior and senior high school students transition into adulthood through a program called Future Leaders Academy. GWE is dedicated to creating an impact in our community and closing the wealth gap. We ensure that we will help build generational wealth one family at a time

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”