Webinar Series: Navigating Financial Uncertainty

Why Our Budgeting Webinar Is a Must-Attend


Okay, what’s going on with our financial landscapes? Recent statistics from Lending Club Corporation paint a concerning picture: “50% of Americans earning over $100,000 are living paycheck to paycheck, with the percentage increasing in lower income brackets” (Lending Club Corporation, 2022). This alarming trend underscores an urgent need for effective financial management strategies.

The Rising Need for Financial Literacy:

With such a significant portion of the population, including high earners, struggling to make ends meet, the importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated. Whether you earn a six-figure salary or less, the challenge remains the same – how do you effectively manage your finances?

Introducing Our Budgeting Webinar:

Responding to this growing need, we’ve organized a webinar on practical budgeting techniques. It’s not just about stretching your paycheck; it’s about empowering you to make informed financial decisions that resonate with your life and goals.

Meet Our Expert Speaker – Kimberly John-Burn:

Guiding us through this journey is Kimberly John-Burn, a finance expert from Common Stake Group. A Brooklyn native and 9/11 survivor, Kimberly’s expertise in budgeting, debt management, and financial empowerment makes her the perfect guide for navigating these challenging economic waters.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Practical Budgeting Skills: Learn to manage your daily expenses and save for the future.
  • Debt Management:

Strategies to tackle debt and improve financial health.

  • Investment Insights: Understand how wise investments can secure your financial future.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in real-life scenarios for hands-on learning.

Why You Should Attend:

This isn’t just another financial seminar. It’s a lifeline in these tumultuous economic times, a chance to take control of your financial destiny, regardless of your income bracket.

Kimberly’s Approach:

Her unique combination of personal experiences and professional expertise brings a relatable and practical approach to the complex world of finance. Kimberly doesn’t just teach; she transforms mindsets.


In a world where financial stability seems like a moving target, gaining control over your finances is more important than ever. This webinar is your opportunity to start making changes that count.

Ready to turn your financial situation around?

Join us and register now for an eye-opening experience Hosted by Kimberly John-Burn

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