Charity Events/Upcoming Events


GWE has a partnership with Levy Restaurants to fundraise at the Bank of America Stadium Events. The organization has concession stands where the organization earns commission, donations, and gets to promote our brand.  GWE is looking for volunteers to help the organization make a difference in the community. 

Wealth Builders Program!

Generational Wealth Educators (GWE) is a non-profit entity that aims to create wealth within communities by providing free therapy sessions, Wealth building courses, and a social community to lean on to help families along their journey. GWE will promote mental wellness, healthy financial habits, and ultimately guiding families to create wealth for generations to come. Join now to build generational wealth!!

Financial Literacy
Passive Income
Mental Wellness



Generational Wealth Educators will partner with community organizations to build strong relationships within the community. There is no need to stand alone and hope for members. Generational Wealth Educators will be proactive in the communities they serve and make strong connections and partnerships to establish trust. Join the Movement



GWE believes that we can have a society that doesn’t have a wealth gap and allows lower income families to pass legacies down to their children. By starting with our youth and providing services to our community we can help families improve their lives holistically